With over 20 years working as a professional behavioral therapist, my skills range from helping both people and animals overcome difficult situations to create a happier environment.

Please remember, cats are very intuitive and can sense the energy in a home. They have a tendency to act and react according the current situation they are living in.  If you are stressed - your pet will be stressed.  If you are angry - your pet will be angry. 

If the kitty is lonely or bored - they will act out.  This is why it is always best to adopt younger kittens in pairs so they have a full-time companion.  Cats are not "loner" animals as we have been taught.  They love to groom each other, sleep together and have a feline friend to play with as only cats can do.

Before you consider giving up your pet or putting them on any so called "pet medication" for behavioral issues, please consider calling me for an appointment.  Often the solution is very simple or can be addressed with homeopathic treatments, adjusting the home environment and introducing exercises.

In House Consultation Fees:  "Cash Only"

  • $75 per hour within a 20 minute travel distance from Woodland Hills. 
  • $95 per hour for longer distances.

This includes a 10 minute phone interview about the current issue, behavioral assessment of both you and your pet in your home and any medical, veterinary or therapeutic recommendations for follow-up care.

Please note: I am not a licensed Psychologist, Veterinarian or Veterinary Assistant.  I cannot prescribe medications or treatments.  I can only offer the best advice that I have with my vast knowledge of animals and people.


We highly recommend that you groom your cat daily to reduce shedding and any skin problems.  It is also very important that you feed your pet a good quality pet food.  Please feed canned food and not dry kibble.

We don't recommend that you give your cat baths, if bathing is necessary and you are unable to do it yourself we may be able to assist you.  Remember, this is NOT a professional grooming salon for very long-haired cats or show pets.

To help avoid any unwanted cat scratching of people or furniture, we recommend that you trim your pet's nails every 2 weeks.  When you start doing this at a very young age, your cat will be more comfortable and less resistant.  You will be shown how to do this at the time of adoption.

In House Nail & Grooming Fees:  "Cash Only"

Nail Trim:  $10


KFK, Inc. will provide a series of 3 FVRCP (Sub-Q) vaccinations for your new kitten or cat.

Rabies and Leukemia shots are "optional" and can be done at the shelters, vets or local Petco clinics.

Please note you do NOT need to have these shots for indoor cats.  We do not have rabies in L.A.

We can also provide for ear mites/fleas/roundworms/mange/hookworms/tapeworms with Revolution, Advantage and Droncit/Drontal treatments.


  • FVRCP Shots:      $15 each - 3 shots needed total (these are sub-q shots)

Other Treatments:

  • Revolution:          $20 - ear mites / fleas / roundworms / hookworms / mange
  • Advantage:        $15 - flea treatment only
  • Droncit/Drontal  $30 - de-worming for tapeworms / roundworms

                       2-3 doses are needed about 10 -14 days apart

Micro-Chipping:  $20 with free lifetime registrations with 911 Pet Chip


When space allows, we are available to watch your adopted cat if you need to go out of town for an extended period of time, for the holidays, vacation or emergency leave.  Your cat/kitten will be kept separate from the other cats or foster kitties.

We require a pre-payment of services in case we need to bring your pet to the veterinarian for any emergency that may arise.  We can also administer medications and sub-q fluids for your pet.

All meds and fluids must be provided by you. Please provide us a record or your cat's medical history of vaccinations and your current local veterinarian. Please make sure to bring your pet's food choice that will last for the entire stay.

Kat Sitting Fees: 2 day minimum/10 day maximum - you supply the food/meds etc.

  • In house sitting:  $25 a day pre-paid or $40 for 2 cats
  • With medication:  additional $5 per day per cat

Maximum days allowed are 10 days: 

If you need longer time, please contact us for arrangements to see if we have room at the Kat House.

Some of your local vets and PetSmart Stores also have boarding facilities or know of qualified people.


Drop off and pick up times are between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm any day of the week

  • Your current Vet's name / location / phone number
  • Medical history with current vaccinations
  • Credit Card to be kept on file for an emergency
  • Canned Food - we can provide treats
  • Cat toys and bedding if you would like them to have it
  • Break-away Cat Collar with ID tag
  • Micro-Chip ID number if cat has been micro-chipped
  • Cash "Pre-payment" for approximate number of days
  • Contact phone numbers where you can be reached at all times while out of town
  • Contact person in LA that can pick up the cat if it needs to be released from the Kat House