My beloved kitten who is now helping me communicate with animals on the "other" side.


“To My Princess”

You were my golden feline sister that shined like the sun in the

 early morning dew and the moon in a midnight sky.

I miss you.  My Princess… I so miss you.

You have chosen to go over the rainbow bridge on the most glorious of days. You have taken

 me on a journey to connect with the animal world in such a way I have never knew existed.

Your beauty has always amazed me, but today your spirit took my hand

and guided me through one of the most difficult things I ever have to do.

I released you from your physical body. One should not have to do that to

their furry companions but we do.  When the pain is too great – we do.

Dear Princess, you have been the love of my life these past six months.

Even though you were born with complications in your tiny body, you always sat still

for your Mommy to give you the “medicine” to hopefully make things easier inside.

Your endearing efforts to FLY from every piece of furniture as you grew up AMAZED me! 

As you got older your flying was so grand. You could start from the floor

and jump “UP” all the way to my shoulders when I would say…


You would be so proud and give me kitty kisses on my face.

Such a beautiful feat and such a funny face when sometimes you missed and “flew”

when I was not looking only to find the floor.  No wonder your little paws hurt at times!

Landing on hardwood can be rough!  Just like life and death… it is rough.

Today you have shared with me all your joys and sorrows in feline communication.

Today, my little one…you spoke to me, through me and with me

in such peacefulness that my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.


Today I heard your sweet kitty voice and really listened. 

I will now listen to all of the wonderful creatures on Earth.

I know that you have come back to help me learn life’s lessons.

Thank you for your inner wisdom.

It has been such an honor to know you… again… my White Lion.

My protector, my teacher, my kitty love.

You always knew your time with me would not be for long and yet…

you chose to come anyway.

I know you will come back to me soon.

Until then… I will forever hear you call my name as clear as it was today…

“Mommy – Mommy – Mommy!

Look at me Mommy!

When I jump it feels like I can FLY!

Catch me mommy and smother my face with kisses.

Mommy – Mommy – Mommy!

Where are you mommy?

I am flying high up to the sky!

Like the bird I have always wanted to be for you and for me!

Mommy – Mommy – Mommy!

Watch for me Mommy…

I am a hummingbird now and

I will watch over you when I fly by.

Mommy - Mommy - Mommy



Soar high to heaven my beautiful Princess.  I will see you on the earth side again soon.

Love Forever

Your Mommies

August 22, 2009

Click on the photos to see Princess from her 1st day of rescue to her final day of rest