September 20, 2010

Once again I have been saddened by an unexpected death at my Kat House.  Sunday is the kitty at the top of this website page with his tortie sister Shamana...

It is never easy to see an animal cross over the “Rainbow Bridge.”

It is especially not easy when it is one of your own.

With a heavy heart and much emotional guilt, I am sorry to say that my beloved cat "Sunday" passed away this morning from internal injuries due to being struck by a car.

What is difficult about this is that my cats are not outside cats.

They don’t have the ability to roam freely in my coyote stricken neighborhood in the hills.

They have had the safety of my specially prepared Kat House painted to look like an African Jungle with every kitty amenity possible for fun and happiness.

And yet...  My cat Sunday.  My gorgeous black panther that I prayed for when I got back from Peru.  My beloved baby boy that I loved with all my heart… found his way outside last night and pushed through a small hole in the kitty fence on to my enclosed patio when I was not looking.

He then must have jumped over the 6-foot fence and enjoyed a night out in the rain.

In the past years, I have being doing endless work in the animal world with abandoned, feral and homeless cats and kittens living in LA.  I have pulled them from shelters before euthanasia, saved them off the streets and also helped people in need who have rescued baby kittens without anywhere to take them.

And now, I had to rescue my own cat.

Often when I get a new kitty rescue in that is so sickly or injured, I still pray that they pull though and have a chance at life off of the streets. 

I have had to “let go” of 100’s of kitties from (1) day old to a few years that were suffering.  I would watch many of them die naturally in my hands or with the vet's assistance.

But to do that to my own kitty was not acceptable while he was still strong and full of life.

This past week, Sunday has been unusually quite. 

Before I went to bed last night we snuggled and he just looked up in my eyes for the longest time.  I knew that change was about to happen soon.

At 6:30 am, my baby Sunday made his way back to my property after the accident.  He had enough

determination to let out his last moan for me to hear as he lay buried in a ditch below my house covered in dirt.  Somehow, I knew where to go and I found him in the darkness of the night.

He let me carry his beaten body up the hill while screaming in pain.  And then, he let me try to access the damage and drive him to the ER.  Finally, he put his paw in my trembling hand as the vet said "it was time" and gave me permission to give him peace once and for all.  His strong panther body just couldn't handle what had happened.

This morning I came home with Sunday’s lifeless body and just held him like a baby for hours.

So still…

So quite…

So beautiful…

As my mind clears… I now believe that Sunday may have released himself from this world so that I may expand on my rescue work in a bigger capacity and with full force.

Maybe it is time to build the healing sanctuary for animals that I have been dreaming about.  Sunday’s passing may have triggered the opening in my mind to see it through.  His passing will not be in vain.

So, here’s to my beloved Sunday whose golden eyes radiate in my dreams and childlike mannerisms warm my heart.  I have never met a more handsome black panther in my life.

Sunday, you are my Prince and my kitty love.

I thank you so much for coming into my life.

You shall be dearly missed each and every day.

Go in peace my sweet boy

My Sunday (my Doo)

I will love you forever and into our next life together…

I think I heard you say in our silent animal communication that you are coming back as a horse...

I can only hope it is a black stallion as gorgeous as you are.

Rest in Peace now...

Love n Light