This page is a "behind the scenes" look at what happens before and after a rescue situation.  Some photos are not for the squeamish.  We hope you take the time to realize how difficult life on the streets can be for a feral or abandoned kitty.  We wish to extend a big "Thank You" to the many wonderful people who have adopted our foster kittens and cats, so many of these beautiful creatures now have amazing homes.

Please spread the word about Krazy For Kats.  Our mission is to get (1) kitty adopted per day and make Los Angeles a No Kill City! Enjoy the stories and the photos. 



As you probably already read in A Kitty Love Story, Miss Hanna Grace was the reason I started dedicating more of my time and my life to rescue work.  She was the lone kitten left behind from a feral mommy cat and her 3 siblings.  After I realized that her mother abandoned her, I brought her home at only 1 day old and thus started my amazing journey of raising her with the help of her favorite Aunt - Katt Lowe.

Hanna has been the light of my life and she is now the big sister to all of the new rescue kitties that come to the Kat House.  If she can make it - they all can!  She can't wait to have you come for a kitty visit!

Here are a few photos during the first 4 weeks of her life and now as a grown kitty!


Punkin was left outside in the LA rains to die in someone's backyard.  He was cold, starving and unloved.  When the man who lived at the home found him suffering outside he finally brought him to one of the animal shelters and basically said:  "Here, take this thing - I can't stand all these sick and dying kittens in my yard!" and then he took off without telling us where he lived or if there were more out there to save!

Luckily Punkin was intercepted by Fixnation on January 7th, 2008 and immediately put under medical care.  He was 7 weeks old, underweight and had a sever upper respiratory infection that had his eyes and nose sealed shut.  A few more days out in the cold and he would have been dead.

I rushed him home and started treatment on him.  Like all my rescue kittens that I take in, the very first thing I do is I trim their nails, give them a bath and remove all the fleas and dirt on them. 

The kitty then gets good blow dry and brushing along with their ears, nose and eyes cleaned.

Punkin was so thankful to have all the junk taken out of his nose that he put his face up to me for a kitty kiss!  Then it was dinner time and off for a good shirt snuggle and then night-night in his new warm bed!

He is now doing great and healed up nicely and has found a new home already!  His tummy is full and he has lots of new friends and fun toys to play with.  He used to get so excited when I would come in to give him a hug that he runs up to me and lets out his biggest MEOW he can muster up!  He is a beautiful kitten and very sweet!  I wish Punky all the very kitty best!


Well, if only you could have been there for this amazing rescue adventure.  After the Christmas holidays,

I got a message from another rescue worker named Cathy King that there was a mommy cat and her babies dumped off in the Glendale Home Depot parking lot.  She was not able to catch them and needed some help.  I loaded up my car with traps, nets and kitty carriers and ran over as fast as I could.

The employees at Home Depot had been trying to catch the kittens since they were little but could never do it.  They said the kitty family was there before Christmas, but they did not seeing the mommy cat anymore and they were getting worried for the babies.  Luckily the kittens were being fed by the employees and Cathy, who lived close by.

The 1st day I went to the location at 12pm and there was no sight of the kittens. I came back around 4 pm later that day and finally spotted the 3 babies under the shopping carts!  I gathered up as many Home Depot people as I could find for the rescue mission!  My buddy Cecilio, the manager, came out to help and were able to catch 2 of the 3 babies very quickly.  They were cute little black fluff balls that we named Bijou and Bijan.

To my frustration, we couldn't catch the last kitty who ran off on the other side of the building.  He was a little black and white kitten that we named Charlie Chaplin because of his black moustache.  That night, I waited for him to come back out until 1am and then I had to go home.

The hardest part of trying to rescue young kittens is that if you don't get them all at once - it can sometimes be impossible to catch the very last one.  They will usually go into hiding.

Well, that's what happened. Chaplin disappeared for almost 2 weeks !  I had rescue workers and everyone at Home Depot looking for him.  I was there almost every day at ALL hours searching for him to no avail.  Then the big rains came and I thought for sure he was lost for good.  I was sick to death that this poor kitty was all alone with no family to protect him in the freezing cold.  Most young kittens do not survive weather conditions like this.


The manager at Home Depot spotted Chaplin under the shopping carts again!  I immediately rushed over and with the help of employees AND customers, we succeeded in trapping the kitty and I got him safely home.

Now for the unpleasant part of the story.  Rescue work can be very difficult when you have a sick or injured  kitten come through. 

What happened to Chaplin was that he had a huge fecal mass the size of a baseball stuck under his tail.

To top it off it was full of maggots!  The poor thing could have been eaten alive if he was not rescued! 

He must have been trapped somewhere while he was out in the rain and not able to move to go potty!

The moment I got him safe inside the Kat House, I began cleaning him up. We had bath time and I started him on a series of medications to help with any infection.  He has recovered nicely now and has been adopted into a great new home!  Here are his 1st photos one hour after the rescue.  Kitty love to you!

REAL LIFE KITTY STORY OF TAHOE - The one eyed pirate kitten

Tahoe is one of the most gorgeous white kittens I have rescued.  He was actually born in what I consider to be feral kitty heaven.  An outdoor nursery for plants and trees!  There are a few feral cats in a managed colony that I have been working with that still need to be trapped and fixed.  Well, a mommy cat was not able to be caught in time for kitten season and sure enough she had 6 beautiful kittens.  Luckily one of the workers called me in time for the rescue when she noticed they were starting to run around and get into trouble!  We were able catch them all and fix mommy and help the babies right away. 

Tahoe was one of the 6 kittens we saved and the 1st thing I noticed was his right eye completely sealed shut by a terrible scab-like material.  Once I got him home, I realized he had bad kitty cold and his eyes got infected and crusted over.  I very carefully cut away the debris and cleaned out Tahoe's eye as slow as I could.  When I started to open the scab on the eye - yellow discharge came out and he seemed to be in a lot of pain.  I only prayed this infection did not destroy the eyeball and he had lost his sight completely!

Well, as you can see - he survived the "operation" and is in full recovery now.  Tahoe was so happy that his eye was saved that he smiled for the camera!  This baby boy is one beautiful kitten now and he is so happy to be able to see his brothers and sisters with both eyes now!  Here are the photos of my home operation!

KIMBA:  Pure white kitty with Blue eyes and 3 legs. 

Kimba was found on the streets starving to death with a severely fractured leg by a homeless teen. This kind boy brought Kimba to his local homeless center who immediately contacted Krazy For Kats for assistance.  We found that Kimba was attacked by another animal and had a broken leg and was covered in fleas.  He was taken to the vet for treatment and placed in a cast. Sadly, his back leg needed to be amputated due to an infection and improper healing.  Kimba now is in recovery and will be one of our first 3 legged kitties at KFK!