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"What kind of FOOD do I feed my new kitty?"

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about feeding new kittens and cats.  When you buy pet food please take the time to read the labels first.  The old maxim, "You get what you pay for," is true! Cheap food will bring you all sorts of problems for your kitty from smelly, runny poop, obesity to serious digestive illness, kidney failure and even death. 

Ask yourself this simple question, "Would I feed my child McDonalds hamburgers every day of their life?" 

If not, then don't feed your kitty poor quality cat food. 

A good rule of thumb is this: Do NOT purchase food from the grocery store with the exception of "Traders Joes" or "Whole Foods." They actually have organic quality kitty food that is healthy.

Pet food found at the grocery stores is made up mostly of “filler” food such as meat-by-products, corn meal and grains.  Cats are "meat eaters" and need to have a high content of meat protein in their food.   Most food found at pet stores such as Petco, PetSmart and your local feed & seed stores will have the top quality brands you are looking for.

Cats are obligate CARNIVORES and experts say that "meat" should be their primary source of protein for proper health.

Just as for human food, there are regulations regarding the labeling of cat food that can help consumers assess the amount of meat in the food. If a product is labeled "Beef Cat Food," for example, 95 percent of its ingredients must be beef. If it says "Chicken Dinner" or "Lamb Formula," it must contain only 25 percent of the meat. If the packaging simply states "Chicken Flavor," the food merely needs to taste like chicken to the cat; it does not need to actually have any chicken in it.

Here are some of the kitten/cat foods.  They all come in canned and dry food.  Food in red comes in 13 oz cans and can save you a lot of money.                





(Do NOT feed!)




Innova - Evo

Blue Buffalo



Eagle Pack


Blue Wilderness


Royal Canin

Natural Balance

Nutro Max

Nutro Natural


Chicken Soup for

Cat Lovers Soul

California Natural

Solid Gold

Avo Derm

Advanced Pet Diet

Science Diet

Pro Plan

Purina One


Fancy Feast



Special Kitty

Meow Mix


9 Lives


Cat Chow

Alpo Cat Mix

Tender Vittels


  • Nestle Purina (Brands include Purina, Alpo, Beneful, Dog Chow, ProPlan, Puppy Chow, Mighty Dog, MoistnMeaty, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Cat Chow, Kitten Chow, and PurinaONE)

  • MasterFoods owns Mars, Inc (Brands include Cesar, Pedigree, Sheba, The Good Life, Royal Canin, Temptations, Whiskas)

  • Procter and Gamble (Brands include IAMS and Eukanuba)

  • Menu Foods (makes "House Brands" like Kroger and Wal-Mart's Ol'Roy)

  • Del Monte/Heinz (Kibbles n Bits, Wagwells, 9Lives, Skippy, Nature's Recipe, MilkBones, Pup-Peroni, Sausages, Pounce)

  • Petsmart's Authority

  • Hills (Science Diet, Science Diet Veterinary Formulas)

  • Multi-Menu

Do NOT feed your cat or kitten foods such as Meow Mix, Cat Chow, Special Kitty or any other LOW COST DISGUSTING FOODS!  

I promise you, you will have SERIOUS health issues later! You might as well feed your cat cardboard. Also, a fat cat is a cat starving for nutrients because they are fed this type of food.

* Here's what a vet tech says about a cat food called Special Kitty!

"Special Kitty should come with a warning to anyone that owns a neutered male cat.  Having worked as a veterinary technician for 4 years and having male cats myself, it makes me cringe when someone tells me they are feeding Special Kitty.  This particular cat food, and others of similar quality are known to cause a higher incidence of urinary blockage in neutered male cats. 

This condition can only be treated with a VERY expensive surgery or a procedure to try and unblock your kitty, which also very expensive and often times doesn't work.  Male cats have a very small urethra, and can get a mucous plug that blocks the ability to pass urine.  This can occur in any male neutered cat, but occurs more often with poor quality cat food.  Females are not at as much of a risk for this to happen, due to their anatomy, but it will still cause severe problems."


Please DO NOT EVER feed your new kitten just dry food or "adult" cat food.  You will have a lot of health issues later in life.  Use "canned" food for “kittens only” for the first 10 to 12 months, then continue with canned food for “adults only" or "kittens AND adults.” 

You can give a little "high quality" dry food for them to nibble on, but please DO NOT make this your ONLY food supply and do not let them FREE FEED all day long!  Cows are grazers - NOT cats!

Canned food is much healthier for cats and provides less grains and harmful fillers.  It also provides more water content for healthy digestion and kidneys. 

Kittens usually eat 3 to 4 meals a day until they are six months old and 2 to 3 times a day until they are one year old.  Adult cats usually eat two canned meals day.  I usually do a 1/2 of the 5.5 oz canned food in the morning and the other 1/2 in the evening for adults.  Canned food can safely be left out for a few hours unless it is very hot in your home. 

Fresh water must be available at all times.  Do not put it in the dry food.  It creates mold and bacteria!

Cats do not like stagnant or dirty water.  I refill my bowls with FRESH water at least 2 times a day.

Please do not put water in your dry food.  It is full of bacteria and mold and your cats will get sick.

What to look for pet food labels:

Pet food marketing and advertising has become extremely sophisticated over the last few years. It’s important to know what is hype and what is real to make informed decisions about what to feed your pets.

For more information on what "meat-by-products" REALLY means, please check out this website and look up pet food.  It will really open your eyes to the industry.

  • Dry food should contain about 30 percent protein and about 15 percent fat. 
  • Canned food should contain about 10 percent protein and about 6 percent fat.
  • Compliance with AAFCO's requirements for "Complete and Balanced."
  • A named protein source - look for "chicken, lamb or beef," rather than "meat" or "meat-by-products"
  • On canned food particularly, the protein source should be the first listed ingredient
  • Check the expiration date for freshness - food DOES go bad!

What to avoid:  (also go to my Pet Food Facts page)

  • Words such as "by-products," "meat and/or bone meal," "animal digest,"
  • Other descriptions including "digest" or "meal" and added sugars.
  • Chemical preservatives, including BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate
  • Corn or wheat meal as a the main "filler"
  • Excess of carbohydrate "fillers" (Dry food can contain as much as 50 percent grain)

Kitty Treats:  

My kitties love the "Feline Greenies" found at Pet Stores and Grocery Stores.

Just give a few a day as a special treat!  This is NOT pet food.        

The Litter Box:

The moment you bring your kitten home and put her in the safe room, show her where the litter box is.  Kittens will be stressed after the drive and upon arriving into a new environment.  hey will need to go potty right away or mark their new territory!


Litter choices that work the best are:


  • Fresh Step - scoopable/clumpable
  • Scoop Away scoopable/clumpable (large containers are sold at Costco)
  • Tidy Cat scoopable/clumpable
  • The World’s Best Corn Kitty Litter or Wheat Litter (great for bathrooms - can be flushed in toilet)
  • Chicken "Lay" Feed is the same as the above and is cheaper!  Get the crumble mix found at Pet feed and seed stores like Red Barn.  This is what I use.

I also recommend getting a blacklight to detect any urine marks in the home.  Make sure to get the highest quality blacklight you can afford.  These are sold at most pet stores.

  • For odor/stain removal pick up some NATURE'S MIRACLE at your local Petco/PetSmart! 

  • A new product that is really worth investing in is called DOODOO VOODOO.  This is what I use here at the Kat House. It is a concentrated a odor/stain removal for the home. 

    Go to

Toys & Fun:


Wal-Mart and Ross are great places to go stock up on toys and cat supplies for your new kitten at a great LOW price!  Consider purchasing litter, kitty condos, cube boxes, pet beds, scratching posts and climbing trees as well as a lot of fun toys.  Be careful of toys with loose strings that can be swallowed or get stuck in the mouth.  Kittens really like crinkly things like the tinfoil balls and furry mice.  Don't forget the CatNip toys for hours of kitty fun!

Do NOT purchase your kitty food or medical supplies such as flea products here.  Please use high quality food and medical treatments found only at Pet Stores.  Only use Advantage or Revolution for fleas and ear mites in cats and kittens as prescribed by your veterinarian. 

Do NOT use flea collars on cats!  POISON!