To ensure that all kittens/cats will be placed in a loving, responsible and dedicated home, KFK, Inc. reserves the right to turn down anyone who is interested in adopting a kitty. Please take the time to consider whether you are really for a new lifetime pet. If you are relocating out of state or a college student, this may not be the best time to adopt.  Please be aware that it is very stressful for a rescue kitty to be adopted only to be returned a few weeks or months later and THEN try to get re-adopted again to another home.

Here is our adoption protocol:

  1. There will be an in-depth phone consultation with all potential adopters. You will be asked to do a home visit to inspect the living arrangements and your other pets prior to the adoption and to do a check up after the adoptions.

  1. All kittens are available for adoption at no less than 912 weeks old.  This is to ensure proper development and comfort level for the pet. Some kittens are smaller among siblings and may take more time to grow and they may need special care or medical treatments. 

  1. All kittens/cats have been taken to the vet for an exam, testing, shots and are spayed/neutered and microchipped before adoption time (unless advised by the doctor to wait until a later date.) All vet fees will be a part of the adoption fees. Any donation above the adoption fee is greatly appreciated. Krazy For Kats cannot be responsible for any new illness or hidden medical issues that the rescue cat/kitten may have after adoption.

  1. If you have pets, microchips are highly recommended to protect your animals in case it gets lost. It is a painless procedure that will last a lifetime. All the cats will be microchipped. You can also get low cost micro-chipping done at your local PETCO or Animal Shelter for your own pets.

  1. Kittens under 6 months of age are usually adopted in pairs. If there is no one in your home for most of the day, a young kitten will get very lonely and will act out or cry.  It is very hard on a kitten to be adopted by itself.  When you have (2) kittens that have already bonded, they will keep themselves company and they will less likely scratch the furniture, go potty outside of the litter box or damage items. Actually two kitties are EASIER than you think! You may also want to adopt a kitty as playmate for your current cat!  We can talk about appropriate ages.

  1. Please do not come to adopt a kitten for someone else as a gift.  It is better if they pick out the kitten with you to make sure it is the right fit. Make it a surprise “Kitty Day!”  They will love coming to visit the Kat House and we will spend a lot of time with you explaining kitten care and handling.  It is a real kitty treat and they will be very grateful!

  1. Rescue kitties are a special kind of pet and may not be suited for children under the age of 6 especially if your child has no prior pet experience.  If you would like to give a kitten as a "gift" for an older child, why don’t you bring them over to play with the kittens to see how comfortable they are with them.  We have a lot of toys and can let them have fun selecting their own!  It can be a Kitty Party!

  1. KFK, Inc. will make follow-up calls on all adoptions during the first year. It is required that you locate a veterinary clinic for a follow up exam and that you retain my medical records. Many vets will provide a FREE consultation for kitties adopted from a rescue to put the pet's medical records into their clinic files.

  1. It is important to get ALL of the vaccinations done in a kitten's 1st year of development. If the kitty is not fully vaccinated before adoption then such vaccinations must be given by the required date as stated on the medical contract. I can do these FINAL vaccinations for you. The last vaccination is given at 12 weeks at the Kat House. 

  1. If at ANY TIME we feel that the kitty is being neglected, mistreated or denied medical treatment such as follow-up exams, vaccinations or scheduled surgeries, KFK, Inc. has the right to reclaim the adopted animal.  Please be aware that we take rescue work and fostering of these animals very seriously.  We are looking for stable, caring and respectful people that are ready to commit  to the adoption of a special kitty for a healthy, long life. 



We assume that you are prepared to adopt a kitty for life when you sign our contract and take one of our kitties home.  After the final adoption, if you need to give up your kitty in the future, you must return it to Krazy for Kats, Inc. as soon as possible for re-homing.

DO NOT turn these rescue kittens into the shelter, post on Craigs List or give away to another person as stated in your signed contract!

  • If for any reason you need to return or exchange a kitten/cat you've adopted from us, please do so within (3) days for a FULL REFUND of the adoption fee or to choose a different kitty. Deposits are non-refundable.  After 3 days your adoption fee becomes a donation to KFK.

  • You have up (7) days to exchange for a different cat/kitten. Owner return/release of adopted pets will be charge a MINIMUM "re-homing fee" of $100 per cat for every 1 year the animal was in your possession.  This to take care of the extra expense we will now have in order to care for an older kitty and to place them up for adoption again.  This re-homing fee can be stated as a Tax Deductable Donation to KFK for your records.  You may also donate the cat's supplies, food and kitty condos to the rescue group.

  • Sometimes a kitten/cat may not be a good match in your home and will need to find a new family.  Please do not wait too long to make that decision.  It is very traumatic for a kitten to go from home to home.

  • All of the cats and kittens have been tested for FeLV/FIV and had a 2 week quarantine period upon rescue. If any major medical symptoms should arise after adoption in the first 7 days, contact us to see what treatment needs to be done and so we can give you advice.

  • All NEW medical costs/vet bills will be the responsibility of the new owner. There is no reimbursement of medical costs after the cat has been adopted. We may, however, be able to provide basic medications such as "Antibiotics, De-worming/Flea treatments and Revolution" if needed. 

  • It is normal for a new kitty not to eat or go to the bathroom the first day due to the stress of the move and driving in the car.  Remember, you MUST put your new kitten in a "SAFE ROOM" for at least 2-3 full days before allowing them to have access to your home.  We recommend at least 5-7 days before you begin introducing them to your current pet. Older cats adopted alone to a new home may only need 1-2 days to adjust.

  • DO NOT bring kitty out to sleep in your bed the 1st night - especially if you have other pets.! It will create a severe negative affect on their socialization and it can be very dangerous for a young kitten if your other pet comes in to join you!  That calls for a KITTY FIGHT! 

Remember, these are “rescue kittens” that were living on the streets. Some were abandoned at the shelters of just left outside to die.  Let’s always keep them safe and warm in a loving home.


Please make sure you follow the instruction page on "Bringing the Kitty Home" during the first days.  KFK, Inc. cannot be held responsible if you introduce your kitten to a pet too soon or if you do not use the "safe room" method.  These adoption steps are intended for the comfort and safety of the new kitty and to reduce confrontation and undue stress with your own pets